Banner Creek

This was our 4th stop of the year for our club and at another lake I have never fished. Being a team/family tournament stop I paired up again with my friend Jim. This time the weather was good and the water was in the lower 70’s . Jim pulled up to one of his favorite spots and him and I quickly caught a nice limit of fish. He caught his on a small worm and I caught mine on chatterbait. Jim was out fishing me two-1 so I decided to go to a similar bait that he was using. I then started catching the nice largemouth. Jim however caught two huge largemouth weighing 3.5 and 5 pounds.
The wind start howling on the lake so we tried to stay out of the wind the best we could however the water was becoming more and more stained as the day went by. We pulled up to the location towards the end of the day and absolutely put the hammer on the fish catching somewhere between 15-20 fifteen inch bass.
I honestly thought we had the tournament won, however we ended up in second and a pound out of first. This was a great day where we boated around 50 fish.