Bass Craft Crankbaits

*At the time writing this article I am not sponsored or been biased in any way.*

While looking at Facebook I came across a company named Bass Craft Crankbaits. What caught my eye right off the bait was the Made in the USA then I noticed that these crankbaits were made out of Balsa. If that was good enough then looked at the color selections. The colors offered by Bass Craft are absolutely amazing.

Once I got the crankbaits the first thing I noticed was the paint job. I was extremely impressed with the detail that was in the paint job. The next morning after receiving the crankbaits in the mail the first thing I wanted to do was want to see how it casts and how it looks/feels in the water. I was extremely impressed with the way the crankbait looked and performed in the water. The square bills run at a depth of 3 to 5 feet.

I’ve been waiting since January to write about these crankbaits and now the water is finally warm enough to catch a few bass of them to know that these basscraft crankbaits are special and they catch bass.

Link to Basscraft Crankbaits website