BASS Southern Open on Toho

On day 1 at Toho I drew a great partner Chad Morgenthaler.  He was on an awesome punching pattern.  Even though the weather was challenging with the Florida strain bass and the freezing weather, he boated at least 8 fish and I boated 2.

Lake Toho

Second day I drew a local angler.  We started on a long flat throwing a rattle trap right next to Gerald Swindle. Then we made the long trip to Lake Kissimmee through all of the long canals.  We attempted to punch the mats, but we did not catch a fish.  After the long day of catching no fish we again went to the long flat and tossed the rattle trap and this time we started catching fish.  I ended up catching 3, but only one would measure as a keeper.

Lake Toho weigh in