Big Bass Bash

BBB set up


I fished the Big Bass Bash with owner of Smack Down jigs, Nick Hubbs, at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Nick and I decided to do a little prefishing for tournament.  The weather conditions were going absolutely insane the day before and that first practice day.

We both agreed that we would not throw jerk bait or an Alabama rig for this tournament.  We both decided to go a different route with throwing a jig (swim jig), grub, spinnerbait, and some finesse techniques with a tube or shakey head.  During our practice day (which was more like a fun day with a friend on the water) the fish were in a strange mood (cold dirty water) and kept short striking our lure presentations.   We kept moving along until we found a cove that was out of the 20-35 mph winds.   Hubbs finally got the skunk out of the boat with a nice 2-2.5 pound largemouth.  Then right that I caught small one of a shakey head and Hubbs had a nice one follow his swim jig off of a dock.  The only problem with this location is every angler on the lake is going to want to fish it.

During the first day of the Big Bass Bash Tournament we went to a main lake point we couldn’t access the day before.  Of course we started out throwing a deep diving crankbait and a jerk bait.  WE didn’t have any luck and quickly we went to the back of the cove and Hubbs started swimming a jig and I started with a shakey head.  We came up to this boat ramp and I threw my shakey head on it and I caught a 13 incher, next cast a 14 incher and I even caught a 15 incher in all of 5 minutes.  We continued throwing on the ramp for a bit more without a bite.  We pulled up to the next ramp and the shakey head had another bite that I missed.  Quickly Hubbs put on a shakey head as well.   The next boat ramp we pulled up to Hubbs caught a nice 4.40 largemouth.   After weighing in that fish we pulled up to a main lake boat ramp and Hubbs threw in and hooked and lost probably a 5-6 pound bass right at the boat.  We continued that pattern the rest of the day with minimal success.

Hubbs Fish

The next day we pulled up to the same cove where Hubbs pulled the 4.4 out and this time luck was on my side and I ended up catching a 2.69.  Nick and I tried every bait/lure in our tackle box along with going extremely shallow and we did not have any luck.  The learning lesson from this is since the water was cold we should have sought out clearer water and got out of that cold murky water.

Nick Fish BBB