Boing Lures – Incredible is an Understatement!

Topwater baits..  a class of lures that that people absolutely love due to the fact they can actually see the fish strike the lure.  I absolutely love this style of lure and use this technique as often as I can.  While I’m fishing you will frequently find me throwing a Omega Alpha Shad buzzbait, a buzzfrog, or even  Pop-R.  However, you would never find me throwing a walk the dog style bait until now.

Part of this website’s mission is to provide information about new and exciting lures.  If you are into top water fishing then this is one of the lures that you should know and always keep stocked in your tackle box.  This, made in America, walk the dog style lure has a lot of features!  This lure is extremely easy to cast long distances, the company provides great customer service (will explain this later), it walks extremely easily and creates a unique sound while walking, and it really does catch fish.

I was introduced to this bait while reading some posts on face book.  I kept reading posts about this lure and other anglers kept stating that this lure has a unique sound and was catching fish.  I watched a few videos about this lure and I decided since I had an upcoming tournament that I needed to purchase a few.  I ordered a few of these lures in the ice shad version.  Unfortunately , they were out of stock, however the owner of Boing gave me a call and he ended up overnighting 2 different color lures (literally all they had) so I would have them for the upcoming tournament.

So thanks to Jason from Boing Lures I received these lures on Saturday afternoon and 20 minutes later I was on the water with these lures.  I was fishing along a ledge and within a few casts I saw the effectiveness of these lures.  Over the next few hours I managed to catch about 25 fish mostly largemouth but I also caught smallmouth and hybrids.  I was amazed at the vicious strikes that I got on this bait!!

I asked Boing Lures Pro-Staffer Hunter Gregory about the lures and he stated “The Boing Lure is the easiest casting, easiest walking topwater lure that I have ever thrown. The resonant “Boing” sound that the bait creates drives fish crazy, and will trigger even the lock-jawed bass in your favorite lake!”

My Finals Thoughts

One of my weaknesses as a fisherman was the walk-the-dog style of baits.  It was always difficult to cast them a long ways and it was complicated to get the lure to walk.  However, as soon as I got this lure it really made fishing with this style of bait a lot easier.  Overall, I believe this is perhaps the best Walk-the-Dog bait I have ever used.  Fishing this lure has helped me catch more fish thus making me a better angler.

For more information about  Boing Lures or to purchase please visit:

Boing Lures website

Tackle Warehouse

Just remember to ‘Get Your Extreme On’ and buy these lures!

Thanks for reading and god bless!