Just when you could think Top Water could get any better!

*in writing this article I have not been compensated or at the time of the writing a member of their staff.*

Boing Lures

I was looking on Facebook a few months back and saw that Boing Lures was announcing a new Product. I instantly thought to myself what could the next product be? Would it be a jerk bait, a different style of walk-the-dog bait, would it be a prop bait, popping style, or something I didn’t even think it could be??

For the folks who know me and how I fish know me a angler who loves topwater.
Folks in the fishing industry already know that Boing Lures already has what I consider to be the best walk the-dog bait out on the market. So when Jason from Boing Lures announced that the new lure was going to be another topwaterbait I was psyched. I instantly ordered a few from Jason in the Batey Shad pattern. The Boing G2 is custom painted by Dwain Batey of Baitwerks and they consist of high quality of Gamakatsu black nickel treble hooks. What makes Boing Lures special is their innovative sound that each Boing Lures creates when it is just slightly moved. For the angler who haven’t tried the Boing Lures G2 or walk-the dog style lures, you might think this is just another piece of garbage or a gimmick. However, I will say from firsthand experience that these lures work and I feel I get more strikes and catch more fish because of the sounds that the Boing Lures’ make while being worked.

Needless to say this new lure has found a place in my tackle box and I’m personally excited what could under Boing Lures’ sleeve for their next product.