La Cygne Tournament

This was my first time at this beautiful power plant lake. The only problem was the water was only 53-54 degrees and the air temperature at the start was only 52 degrees. My partner Jim had been to this lake several times prior to this tournament and I had faith we going to go well. After a nights cold rain the lake was absolutely calm. So we head over to the damn where my boater pulled in 3 fish. While I couldn’t do anything to get a bite and pull in a fish. The wind started to come in from the cold front and we decided to change positions.
We pull along this wall and I hook up with a nice 4 pounder with a chatterbait. Next cast to the same spot and I hook up with something even bigger and it started to pull drag when it got away. For the life of me I just couldn’t catch a fish on a shakey head. My partner was throwing a wacky rigged worm and he let me borrow one and I ended up catching another fish.
I ended up in 11 in the tournament; however I learned some valuable lessons from Jim.



Lake Fork Adventure with Cody Malone

I booked Cody originally for the previous October however due to a hurricane we had to cancel our fishing due to extreme conditions; however we changed the date to my birthday weekend.  I had fished Lake Fork the previous April; however my best friend had not so he was going to be in for a treat.  So we take off from the Oak Ridge Marina in the morning and the sun was out so I knew the day was going to be a day for some good bed fishing.  We go way back into this main lake creek and find a nice bass on a bed and in about 5 minutes (and several frustrating flips by me) I finally caught the fish.

Fork Fish

Next up was my friend Danny and he caught himself a good largemouth as well.  Then we pull around this cove and I saw Cody’s eyes light up and he got extremely excited.  He took the bait and flipped into the bed to see if this fish was a catchable. And I saw this fish roll and it had to be the largest bass I have ever seen in person (12-14 pounds).  For the next 5 hours we spent flipping to this huge bass.  This bass would go nose down to the lure but the male would come over and bumo her on the side and make her go off the bed.   We took a small break and Dan caught himself a nice 6 pounder off of a bed. Then we came back and flipped into the 12-14 pound bass for a little bit more and Cody (who was extremely frustrated) and in a last ditch effort for the day caught the male in hopes the we could then catch the female, however the female did not come back.

Bed Fish Fork

The second day started out a little different.  It started with a huge thunderstorm that delayed the start of our day.  Once the storm cleared up with ended up throwing a Carolina Rig (which I never thrown before) and Dan threw a drop shot.

Nick Dan Bed Fish

We each caught a fish on our respective techniques and by some miracle the sun came out. So we decided to go look for some beds.  We ended up nailing a lot of fish flipping on beds all over 5 pounds including a 9.6 and Dan caught an 8.


Dan fish









BASS Southern Open on Toho

On day 1 at Toho I drew a great partner Chad Morgenthaler.  He was on an awesome punching pattern.  Even though the weather was challenging with the Florida strain bass and the freezing weather, he boated at least 8 fish and I boated 2.

Lake Toho

Second day I drew a local angler.  We started on a long flat throwing a rattle trap right next to Gerald Swindle. Then we made the long trip to Lake Kissimmee through all of the long canals.  We attempted to punch the mats, but we did not catch a fish.  After the long day of catching no fish we again went to the long flat and tossed the rattle trap and this time we started catching fish.  I ended up catching 3, but only one would measure as a keeper.

Lake Toho weigh in

My Reel-Deal Adventure!

I had a great day down in Miami with Adam Rizzi from Reel-Deal Adventures.  The day started off like any other day except I was just outside of Miami.  Today I was going to be fishing in the Pembroke Pines area for Peacock Bass

If you are in the Miami area and want to catch some Peacock bass then look up Reel-Deal Adventure and book a trip.

Adam and I  from Reel Deal Adventures







We were having an awesome day with dual Peas on back to back casts.

Dual Peacocks









Nice Peacock 

Omega Jigs

Two Words! Omega Jig!! Right now I am mainly fishing black/blue football head jigs with a UV Tightlines hawg on it!


5 days straight of fishing after work and with the weekend! 45 fish! 10 over 4 pounds! These jigs are amazing!

Even a dumb drum nails this lure