You wont find these Companies at your local Tackleshop, but Should!

**Disclaimer – At the time of writing this I am not on the Pro-Staff of any of the companies that I am writing about. **

When you walk into your local tackle shop what spinner bait, jig, or soft plastics do you see? Strike King, Berkley, Yum, Zoom, Gary Yamamoto or even Booyah Baits. Sure these are what you find at your local bait shop, but there are so many other companies out there making high quality lures.

The next time you are in need of some tackle I challenge you to look beyond the typical tackle and look at these companies.

You can purchase some of the tackle below at . If the baits are not available there to purchase check out the companies’ website


Omega Custom

Omega Custom Tackle is a smaller company that makes outstanding Jigs and Buzzbaits. The Alpha Shad Buzzbait has a unique sound and has caught me my 7 out of 10 biggest bass of the year.

They make some outstanding jigs! The Football jigs are unbelievable and I probably own at least 50 of them in various weights (1/2 and 1 oz).

This company did produce probably one of the best instructional videos I have ever watched. I highly encourage anyone who wants to improve their jig technique to watch this video. (pic of video shown below)

Omega makes several different types of jigs: Finesse, Flippn’, Pitchn’, and made in several different types of jig heads. My favorite jig that they make its the Remitz jig.


Power Team Lures

Power Team

Power Team Lures is a phenomenal soft plastic company that has the customer service to match their superior products. Their creature baits and worms are top notch. Combining a creature bait with an Omega jig is dangerous.

The Craw D’oeuvre and Conviction Craw are Extreme! I like to use them as Jig Trailors on my Omega Jigs or I like to put a heavy weight used for punching thick mats. The Ribbon worm is one of the best worms I have ever used. This worm has more action when compared to the other plastic worms I have used.

If I didn’t believe in these lures I wouldn’t have ordered the pro packs!



Bionic Custom Baits

If you are in the market for a spinnerbait this is where you want to go! If you can imagine a blade combination then this company can make it. The Customer Service is top notch and you really get the feeling that they care about the product they produce.

I ordered some Custom Spinnerbaits from them and I could not be happier with the results. I had ordered custom Double Colorado blades and these look and feel amazing.





Pro Edge Baits

Pro Edge Baits is another soft plastic bait company and terminal tackle company. This is another small company that makes absolutely phenomenal soft plastics. If you really want to have a good flipping bait you will have to try 4.25″ Creeper. Each appendage slowly moves independently of each other. It is amazing!! You can use it Texas Rigged, as a grass matt Puncher, or even as jig trailer.



I choose these two custom soft plastics makers below due to my personal experience with them. Both of them can make just about any thing you could want! The detail and work into each soft plastic is amazing! Each of them from Paul or Tattoo Baits is a work of art!


Paul Krew’s Custom Baits — email him:

Paul Krew’s Custom Baits are much more like a work of art rather than a soft plastic lure. The colors he mixes appear life like and the detail he puts in them is absolutely amazing. The picture that I took really doesn’t do it justice. I added a second picture so you can see the amount of detail that Paul puts into his soft plastics.

Drop Shot Minnows purchased from Paul

Custom poured Beaver! Look at that detail!


Tattoo Baits

This is a custom soft plastic lure company and if you can imagine a color combination they will try to accommodate. These soft plastics are made with great detail and you sure wont be disappointed!! What I like most about the Buzzfrog from Tattoo baits is the amount of action it has compared to the other Buzzfrogs on the market that I have used. If you need any custom swirl or a core shot Tattoo can set you up!

The Picture below is my custom order of Buzzfrogs in the exact color that I wanted. The action on this is amazing! The plastic is soft enough to give it great action, but it is still durable for a few bass!

Buzzfrogs I purchased from Tattoo Baits

More Tattoo Baits


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