Clinton Lake

This was my first time at this Lake, however I received a lot of local knowledge about the lake prior to going to it. My boater was familiar to this lake as well which helped out a lot. Today though wasn’t a day that one would really want to be on the water. It rained the entire night and the storms were just beginning to leave the area when we launched the boat. Seeing the forecast I knew it was going to be a windy rainy day.
That being said I talked with my boater and suggested we stay close to the ramp as it was protected from the wind and we were close just in case the storms got out of hand. Sure, this probably wasn’t the pattern I was wanting, but we would make it work. Boy we just slammed them. The largemouth we chasing shad on the bank and in the first hour I had landed 6 including a nice 5 pounder. After two hours both my boater and I had a nice limit. I would like to say that the day got better, but it didn’t. I only caught culled one more time during the day as the entire lake was white capping and really made it tough to do anything.
I ended up in first place in the tournament and this was my first victory. The difference maker was where we started out. Those bass were actively feeding and were very catchable fish.