Melvern Lake

This was the 5th Tournament in the series for the Flint Hills Bass Club. This tournament was a pivotal in the points race for AOY. Melvern Lake being known as a smallmouth lake was new to me and that was a concern to me, however my boater was very familiar to the lake. We start off along this rock with my partner throwing a pop-R and I throwing a variety of baits with zero luck.

I finally went to an ultra finesse technique of wacky rigging and hooked a nice largemouth that got off at the boat. Unfortunately, this will be the theme of the day. I finally caught a 15 incher along the rock wall. We then went across the lake to a section with pea gravel bottom and I lost another 3 fish until caught one wacky style. This was pretty much the theme for the entire day. I would lose a few smallmouth and then I would catch one. It was very frustrating!!
My day turned better as I told my partner that I needed to use my lucky pants power and then I flipped my finesse rig and before I could even reel in my slack my line was already swimming away and I caught my biggest smallmouth 17.5 inches. It was a hilarious moment. However, I did lose another nice 18 inch smallmouth and I resisted from my doing my best Mike Iaconelli impersonation. My partner did catch a few meanmouth’s which was nice to see.
I ended up in 5th place for the tournament and felt very lucky to do that with losing about a 12 keepers during the day and only catching 14 fish during the day. Next up for me is Truman Lake which is another lake that I have never been too.