I Don’t Believe I’m in Kansas Anymore!

I just returned from a trip with fishing guide Justin Bengtson at Lake Wilson located in Kansas. I hadn’t been to Lake Wilson so I consulted with him on what to bring for my day of fishing. He said bring some top water lures and equipment with heavy line. This sounded like a great as I love fishing top water especially with the Alpha Omega Shad Buzz bait. (OmegaCustomTackle.com).  A little background on the lake is that a 5 pound Largemouth/Small Mouth is a huge fish for the lake.


Fishing Guide Justin

The lake and surroundings remind me of something that would be in Arizona. The clear water and almost desert like atmosphere is absolutely amazing.


The day started off bright and early with fishing the clear water for some smallmouth bass. The lake and surroundings remind me of something that would be in Arizona. The clear water and almost desert like atmosphere is absolutely amazing. I started the day throwing my white/chartreuse Alpha shad for the first hour. I had a few small blow ups behind my lure, but didn’t land a fish. I finally threw over a submerged boulder and hooked up with a nice smallie that one got off at the boat. The next cast I got another strike but it also got off at the boat. Due to the short strikes I added a trailer hook. We then moved to another location and fished for some more smallmouths. Behind where we were fishing some fish were absolutely tearing up the surface so I thought they were white bass so I threw my buzz bait over the area and hooked up with a fish. Instead of a white bass I hooked up with what had to be a Striper. As soon as I set the hook he was pulling out line and my Medium Heavy rod was bent over double! I fought that fish until the line broke. This is just another reason why I love this lake as much as I LOVE Striper fishing!! However, I needed a moment of silence for losing my Alpha buzz bait which caught 250 plus bass prior to it breaking off on the Striper.


Next, we tried flipping jigs into the reeds and timber and finally landed a fish after missing several strikes and actually landed one pound largemouth. We moved on to another location and I finally caught some bass on my alpha shad buzz bait. I also tried a plastic frog and was getting a little better action using it than I was getting on the buzz bait so I switched to fishing it. I have never used a soft plastic frog so this was an entirely new technique for me. However, it has now come to be one of my favorite techniques to fish. All you need is a 5/0 Trokar Hook, a Mann’s Hard nose frog, and some braided line. Then just reel it in. It’s absolutely exhilarating seeing the top water strike of bass on anything, but I think seeing the strike on the frog is pretty intense.

All in all, it was a day where the fish were real hungry and all the strikes were short. It was worth the trip though! I finished the last 30 minutes of fishing by landing two 18 inch bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth). In fact, the fish were caught in the same spot on the back to back casts.


Justin was extremely awesome guide and I learned a brand new technique using a soft plastic frog. In fact, since my guide trip, I have only used two lures since. My Alpha Shad buzz bait and Mann’s Hard nose frog.

To book your next guided trip contact : Justin Bengtson  785-493-5849.



Alpha Shad Buzz Bait: So good you shouldn’t let your friend borrow it!

For those who don’t know me let me tell you one thing.  My favorite type of fishing is topwater lures and the reason why is seeing those vicious bites and seeing and hearing your lure getting slammed.  No matter what time a year it is I will always have a buzz bait tied on to one of my poles as it is one of my favorite techniques.  After watching the Omega Tackle Jig fishing video, which included a section about the Alpha Shad,  I decided to purchase several Alpha Shad Buzz Baits from Omega Custom Tackle. Omega’s attention to detail makes these worth every penny. So, what makes these so special? When I think of buzz bait fishing it’s usually done early dawn and in the evening.  But, I’ve discovered that as long as you cover new water this bait can actually go on all day long even in bluebird sky conditions.  First off, it doesn’t take long for them to surface.  Usually after one or two cranks they start chugging along the surface leaving behind a monster sized wake & bubble trail.


The Alpha Omega Buzz Bait comes in three colors: Black, Midnight, and Chartreuse Shad. I have been experimenting with the Black and the Chartreuse buzz baits aiming to pin down when to using each of them and such. Thus far the results have been pretty darn good to say the least. I have picked up a bunch of 4′s and 5′s out at the lake, where in the past I was mainly catching smaller ones. One outing forever changed my view of this awesome bait.


I was fishing one evening at a local fishing marina out at Lake Perry with my best friend Keith. He was using a plastic worm while I was throwing the Alpha Shad (chartreuse)buzz bait. I missed a larger bass that struck my buzz bait but missed.  I thought that maybe the bass felt the hook of the buzz bait. So, I followed up the buzz bait with a Remitz football head jig hoping to get the fish to strike again. While I fished with the jig my buddy borrowed my Alpha Shad buzz bait rod. He threw the bait towards the rip rap and I watched him slowly reel in the buzz bait while he evaluated the lure. All of a sudden the lure just disappeared. It was sucked under the water and needless to say the rest is history as my best friend caught an almost 7lb largemouth (see pic below of my buddy Keith). Needless to say this is why you don’t let your friends borrow your Alpha Shad.


My best friend Keith with Alpha Shad Buzz Bait Bass

Pro’s: Made in USA, Long Lasting caught over 200 fish with the same buzz bait, easily surfaces, unique sound and did I mention it catches a lot of fish!

Con: Wish that they made one with a clacker on it.

There are two great locations that you can buy this great buzz bait.  You wont regret it!!!


Tackle Warehouse

Thanks and god bless,

Extreme Bass Angler


Buzz Bait Bite is on!

Spent the weekend fishing at the lakes Perry and Shawnee! The Buzz bait bite is on!

Even with the water level being dropped their were plenty of largemouth ready to jump out of the water and attack my favorite lure the Buzzbait!!  I didn’t catch any huge bass on the buzzbait as they probably pulled out to secondary points due to the water level dropping, however the quantity of the bass made up for their size.

Omega Jigs

Two Words! Omega Jig!! Right now I am mainly fishing black/blue football head jigs with a UV Tightlines hawg on it!


5 days straight of fishing after work and with the weekend! 45 fish! 10 over 4 pounds! These jigs are amazing!

Even a dumb drum nails this lure


Table Rock Guide Trip

Table Rock Lake

I decided to go down to table rock lake for an outing to try my hand at drop shotting and to learn my lay of the lake since it was my first trip to this lake.   To help me out on my trip I decided to hire Rick’s Chauffeured guide Service and my guide for the day was Dan Boyer.

The day started bright and early and I had a great anticipation from fishing Table Rock for the first time.   Needless to say my day didn’t disappoint from the very first in which I hooked a double on my crank bait to the last bass I caught out in 35 feet of water with a drop shot.

The day started off by throwing a crank bait towards he bank while the boat was sitting in about 15-20 feet of water with a fat free shad.  In the hour or so while we threw the crank bait I caught a 8 Largemouth and 4 smallmouths including another double.  (See Picture).  Plus the guide Dan reeled in a nice Largemouth.  (See Picture)


Next we moved out to do some deeper water fishing. /crank bait fishing in which I reeled in another 8 largemouth/Kentuckies.  I did hook into a few 4 plus pound bass, but lost them while using the shakey head when they jumped out of the water.

Next we  went out to 35 feet of water and did some drop shotting.  We then caught about  another dozen Kentuckies.  This was my first time drop shotting and guide Dan really showed me the ins and outs so I can add this technique to my arsenal.   Overall this experience was top notch and I highly recommend this guide service .


While I did bring my own gear to fish with the guide service provides gear for those who don’t have any.  This was a great opportunity as the guide service uses RAZR rods.   I have had the opportunity to use these rods as an ultra lite for crappie fishing and it is an amazing rod so I decided to take the opportunity to use the rods and they are absolutely amazing.  In fact  I plan on switching exclusively to RAZR rod for all of my fishing techniques.

For the website for Rick’s guide service.   http://www.strikebass.com/