Review of the RAZR Rods

Razr Rods- Best Rod on the Market Hands Down!

Walking into Cabellas, Bass Pro, or shopping online at you will see 100′s of different rods by dozens of different companies. So how do you know which  companies’ rods to choose?

I’ve fished G Loomis, St Croix, Dobyns Rods, and Duckett Rods and I want you to know that I’ve found a companies’ rods that is far more superior than other companies’ rods.

My love for the RAZR rod brand began in January at the Kansas City Sports Show.  My friend bought me a spinning rod that I started using to fish for crappie.  Then during family vacation I hired Rick LaPoint’s guide service to fish Table Rock Lake.  The guide I was fishing with was using the RAZR rods so I got to use them for bass fishing.  Shortly after this  I decided to purchase a half dozen of the RAZR Rods and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been fishing with these rods since July 1st and I have been absolutely amazed!  I could fish with any rod on the market, however I believe in the RAZR rod.  My hook up ratio has significantly increased since switching over to solely using the RAZR rod brand.


Have you heard of Razr Rods prior to reading the article? If not now you have!! If you have you should purchase a rod and tell them the Extreme Bass Angler sent you there.


That is why in my humble opinion these rods are the best on the market. Hands Down!  Best Part about these rods is that they are made in America!