Table Rock Adventure with Capt. Rick

On April 4th I took a day off from work and decided to Hire Capt. Rick Lapoint on Table Rock Lake.  I have personally never thrown a fluke in this manner so a fish would bust on the surface chasing a shad and I would quickly throw my fluke in the middle and shortly after that and give the fluke a slight twitch and then shortly I would have a fish. I must have caught a good dozen bass until the fish stopped busting the surface.  Next we went along a steep bank wall and threw the Alabama rig  with no luck.  Next we went down a bunch of pea gravel banks using a wiggle wart. We each caught a few, but on the graphs we could see a lot of fish just loaded up on these points yet they wouldn’t bite.    Rick, with all of his years of experience, decided that we should try throwing a tube.  I would say over the next hour I personally would boat at least 40-50 fish over 12 inches.  Rick and I went to another location on the lake and we again just put a hammer on the fish.  We saw at the other end of the cove some bass just completely busting the surface on a school of shad so we went over there and put a lick on them.   On the way back to the ramp we pulled up to the same steep bank wall and  I caught a lot of fish including my largest fish of the day on a Alabama Rig with Power team lure swinging hammers. Overall this was a great day catching a ton of fish and I feel like I mastered two techniques that I can take into my tournament fishing.

On April 17th I went fishing again with Rick.  When I originally booked my adventure with him back in January I wanted this to be a clear water sight fishing guide trip, but unfortunately the water wasn’t quite warm enough for bass to on bed, however the day I was there the fish were in a transition stage.  When Rick and I would puller way back into a pocket we could just see 20 or 30 fish just cruising waiting to spawn.

Rick pulled another lure from his arsenal which was the grub.  We fished a grub most of the day and caught a lot of fish on it.  This is a technique that I needed to learn for those hard days of fishing.  Rick also taught me another important lesson of fishing.  Sometime you can’t cast towards the bank and you need to cast to deep water.  He would constantly jokingly remind me of this fact throughout the day.  As I mentioned earlier this day was a day of transition not only for fish, but for the weather.  It was going from extremely warm 80’s to the next day a high of 40’s and rain so throughout the day the wind slowly built up and near the end of the day the wind was downright strong.    So he pulled one more trick out of sleeve and went to this bluff bank and handed me a jerk bait and said “he had a feeling that fish might be stacked up here.”  Needless to say I felt like KVD throwing the jerkbait and twitching it as fast as I could and catching one fish after the other.  That was an absolutely awesome experience.

Table Rock

My two days fishing with Rick was some of the best fishing and the knowledge I gained from each day was absolutely priceless.   Rick really took the time and explained scenarios that he would use each technique and why he would use it.   Also, don’t worry Rick I won’t tell anyone about the experience we had at the boat ramp.  LOL